September 2016

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1. A 2012 study reported that following a bout of resistance exercise testosterone levels were 45 times greater in males than in females during the 1 hour post-exercise period. How much greater was muscle protein synthesis in the male participants compared t

2. Which style of training places the greatest stress on the muscle?

3. Working a muscle through its full range of motion is the only way to guarantee hypertrophy occurs evenly along its whole length

4. Which training technique has been shown to produce greater hypertrophy at the ends of a muscle compared to the middle?

5. Which has the greatest influence on hypertrophy adaptations?

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September/October 2018

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  • Is too little rest giving you too little muscle?
  • You can have too much of a good thing
  • Why whey is not the only way to go
  • The latest nutrition update from the ISSN
  • Do partial repetitions have a place in your workout?
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