May 2016

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1. 3 athletes with the same body weight consume the same number of calories and the same amount of protein. The only difference is the timing of their post-workout protein intake. Which athlete is more likely to see the best results?

2. A high glycemic carbohydrate added to a protein supplement enhances the anabolic response due to the additive effect of insulin.

3. Why is a strong core important?

4. Which is the bigger determining factor for strength and hypertrophy adaptations?

5. How should repetitions be performed?

Current Issue
August 2017

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  • Is rest-pause training a more effective approach?
  • Your protein supplement may be causing you to put on the wrong kind of weight
  • Trying to get that ripped physique? This is what it may be doing to you
  • A warning on supersets
  • Have your muscles really recovered from your last workout?
  • And more!

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