January 2016

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1. Approximately how much protein is required to produce an optimum anabolic response?

2. What happens to the excess amino acids that result from protein intakes greater than 20g?

3. Whey is the only protein supplement you need to take

4. A high glycemic carbohydrate added to a protein supplement enhances the anabolic response due to the additive effects of insulin.

5. If you are not getting the results you want from your training then increasing your protein intake should be your first consideration.

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August 2017

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  • Is rest-pause training a more effective approach?
  • Your protein supplement may be causing you to put on the wrong kind of weight
  • Trying to get that ripped physique? This is what it may be doing to you
  • A warning on supersets
  • Have your muscles really recovered from your last workout?
  • And more!

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