August 2015

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1. How should repetitions be performed?

2. Eating multiple small meals throughout the day speeds up your metabolism and allows you to burn more calories compared to eating a smaller number of large meals

3. Which exercise maximises stress on the deltoids

4. Strength training using heavy resistance and low velocity repetitions produces different adaptations in the muscles compared to power training using reduced resistance and high velocity repetitions

5. A pre-workout energy drink should contain both caffeine and a high glycemic index carbohydrate such as dextrose

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May 2018

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  • Why you need to get big to get strong
  • The importance of achieving the right work/rest balance
  • Everything you need to know about magnesium
  • Focussing on your muscles may actually help them grow
  • 6 simple protein facts
  • A common deadlift mistake to avoid
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